Who Are We?

We're the flower shop you can trust.
Professionals with 25 years experience

Tin's Flower Shop is located in Lingayen in Pangasinan. Our team of expert florists are committed to providing THE BEST flower arrangements available in the Philippines. Our online flower ordering and delivery service makes it easy to get flowers delivered on time to locations throughout Pangasinan.
What are we About?

What are we About?

We stay at the forefront of
design and innovation in floristry

We stay at the forefront of design and innovation, providing professional creative wedding and funeral flowers in addition to beautifully crafted bouquets for any occasion.

We recreate and create custom flower arrangements delivered anywhere in Pangasinan? We're both experts for flowers and delivering them. Our delivery drivers to get your flowers to the hardest to reach locations in perfect condition.

Our History

Tin's Flower Shop is a small,
family run business

Tin's Flower Shop is a small family run business that has 25 years of experience as a real florist. Initially opening a shop in Dagupan city, Tin made a success creating new and innovative floral designs for customers throughout Luzon. Fast-forward ten years; Tin's is now located in Lingayen and employs several professional florists to provide creative arrangements that are ordered from all over the world.

Tin's Flower Shop have been providing high quality professionally designed bouquets and funeral flowers to the Luzon region for years, and now it's easy to deliver the best flower arrangements in Pangasinan.


Tin's Flower Shop, Public Market
+63 (0)999 517 4219


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